Indian Independence Day Parade at Edison

Hope you all saw wonderful Independence Day either live or on T.V. On Sunday (08/14/2005), even I was at Independence parade in Edison, N.J. For a moment, I thought it should be on 15th, however, realized that no one will show up on 15th as its Monday. The acting governor and some other white and black chicks have shown up as honor of guests. The weather being 94% humid and ‘Feel like Temp’ 106F (sorry don’t know in C.) even black chicks turned red.

There were some trucks pulling the display sets, over which some school girls are dancing, and old nannies are waving their hands for no reason. Most importantly, ABCD – DJ’s, with French beard, spiked up hair yells – “All the lady’s put your hands up in the air.” as if he were in Dance club, of course, playing desi song – Doom title song rather than ’50 cent’

We went there to eat south Indian thali and came across the Parade. Overall it was okay not bad. But, I am afraid that over years it may turn up good or as worse as a night club party.

Hope you enjoyed the update about the celebration of the Indian Independence Day at Edison. Next year I will be at NYC parade.

– Shyam K. Arjarapu

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