Doing lot of Silverlight development lately

I have being developing more on the Silverlight applications for the past 10 months. At the beginning, as I haven’t explored much on Silverlight, I had some hard time in getting up jump start as I was playing with too many (Prism, MVVM, Silverlight) things for the first time. Once I took a step back and learned each of them individually, things were moving at a good pace which in turn spurred more interest in learning something new.

One of my colleague, who has done some Silverlight development earlier said that, “You are doing complex things that I haven’t dealt with in past 2 years of development with Silverlight”. Though it sounds like – ‘I was complicating things’, he agreed to the fact that he is doing some basic programming on Silverlight.

Here in this blog, I would like to share some of the interesting things I have learnt during this phase.

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