Third Party controls UI Rendering Performance Results

As I was briefing in the my previous post on Evaluating UI performance / Rendering speed of controls, I ran tests on my machine against SDK Grid, Infragistics Xam Grid & Telerik Rad Grid and came up with below test results.

UI Rendering Performance Results

  • First time rendering is always slower on any of the Grids
  • Both SDK grid and Infragistics Xam Grid have similar load performance
  • Load Performance on all three grids is as # rows goes beyond 2 million
  • Telerik’s Rad Grid loads 4 – 7 times slower than rest for first 2 million rows

These test results my vary from machine to machine and hence I suggest you to test it for yourself using source or run the demo on your machine.

Stressing once again that I am in no way associated with any of the 3rd party control providers, I would like to bring up an important notes from my testing. The slow rendering performance (say 2-3 seconds) might be relatively invisible to end user when compared to delay in waiting to receive data from server to client takes long time (say 20-30 seconds).

Performance difference of 400% – 700% could be a minor one or really huge based on needs / how you view things. Should your application data is small & got users with some patience then showing the data grid with 400 millisecond slower might not count when considering the grid features that fits your needs. However, if your application is large enterprise app, where every layer in your app is facing some throttling, then every millisecond counts. Hopefully this post shed some light on UI control rendering performance and helps help you make a decision on controls that fits your needs.

Cracking .NET DLL’s for Amateurs – 2 of 2

In my previous article, I explained about building an imaginary Super Calculator, how to implement enabling various features based on the License – Trial / Full Version and purchased add-on features. In this article, we are going to discuss – how to crack this application and what steps the software vendors might take to restrict – easy hacks.

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Cracking .NET DLL’s for Amateurs – 1 of 2

Crackers and Hackers have fantasized me ever since I started gaining computer knowledge. The skills demonstrated by these guys have always driven me crazy. Having, unexpectedly, played around with couple of .NET DLL’s and successful cracked them, I want to share that knowledge by writing – basics of hacking / cracking the .NET DLLs. Being a beginner myself, the following tutorial should be considered by individuals who absolutely have no clue what’s cracking is?

In this tutorial, let’s build a simple application first and then try to crack it.
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Should I use DataTable or NOT?

Usually, when ever we need to show some data from Database to screen , we set DataGrid / GridView control’s datasource property to DataSet / DataTable object. If you were not using DataTable / DataSet as media to bind data to Grid, my sincere apologies for including you in (we). Most of us are following this practise and after my recent experimentation(more details below), I would rather keep away myself from DataTable / DataSet. Why? Continue reading