ICICI Bank Sucks! Chant goes on all over.

ICICI Bank – are their services worth? Definitely not, ICICI Bank Sucks. I was under presumption that I was the only guy got screwed up with ICICI bank services. Recently, I have come across other ICICI customers, who got pissed of what ICICI is offering. So, I have decided to compile list of posts and -ve reviews about ICICI so as to spread the message, ‘ICICI Bank sucks’, to everyone.

Do you have worse experience with ICICI too? Should you think that your experience with ICICI helps other refrain from their services, please let me know.

Shyam Arjarapu

Here is my compiled list of customers, who had worst experience. Check it out why?

Short excerpts of various ICICI bank’s customers reviews:

Kamini: ICICI lures customers by claiming themselves as the best online trading bank in India. Kamini was one such victim of their worse services. Obviously, she was pissed with their services while opening the account, using the phone banking service, as well as getting billed for so called ‘FREE share-trading service’
More … http://www.mouthshut.com/review/ICICI_Bank-12636-1.html

Kalil Rahman: Rahman has been with ICICI for more than 5 years. He says “Quality is inversely proportional to Quantity”. ICICI quality got down with its tremendous growth after year 1998. He was pissed of ICICI online services involving over months of communications over email, sending fax documents and still could not get things done. He does not recommend use of NRI service and online money transfer.
More … http://www.mouthshut.com/review/ICICI_Bank-39947-1.html

Deep Ganatra: Excerpts from his Chat with customer service representative.

ICICI: We need at least 5 years of Work Ex. if you are graduate…
DEEP: what? but on your site it says you need 1 year of work exp?
ICICI: Sir, we do not provide exact info on the site…
Deep: // Really shocked…and decided that never ever in my life gonna call these stupid people for anything except bank enquiry…

He is pissed of ICICI bank customer service and does not recommend using them as “2 people from same organization give me different information about same thing”
More at http://www.whoisdeep.com/2005/07/13/icici-the-worst-bank-ever/

After going through his post and his experience I was laughing out load. ICICI customer service is truly hilarious.

Sam from Tamil Nadu, India was charged interest off 772 Rs + Service fee 42 Rs for not paying remaining balance Rs 325. He does not recommends credit card services from ICICI. He also completes ICICI tag line as “hum hain na” apko loot ne ke liye… (“ICICI cares” to loot your money)
More at http://www.ryze.com/posttopic.php?topicid=452033&confid=366

Sunil: Sunil is extremely dissatisfied of ICICI services for charging him 25 Rs / page to receive his Yearly statement and recommends others not to use their health insurance service as he got 2 years prepayment bill despite the fact that he was told monthly payment will be 240 Rs while registering. It took him some months to get this issue and name correction resolved. For more information checkout his blog and other ICICI related experiences
More at http://www.temid.com/palette/2005/05/icici-bank-worst-indian-bank/

Reviews: (at the time of post)

MouthShut.com – 2* based on 303 reviews

– Shyam K. Arjarapu

31 thoughts on “ICICI Bank Sucks! Chant goes on all over.

  1. And finally I kicked ICICI, I switched my current account to UTI..till now noo problems at all with them 🙂


  2. ICICI bank is the worst bank I have come across. I have been trying to get a credit card for 2-3 months from them, but some in their customer care say that they havent got my documents and some say they have got it but its in process .Of course they dont know what process is going on. I dont recommend them for any service whatsoever. i have also pulled out my investments with this hopeless bank. HDFC is much better.

  3. The Secretary,
    The Union Ministry of Law and Justice,
    New Delhi.

    Ref : Letter No. P1/C- 97844 dated 28th July 2006 issued by the Secretariat of the Hon,ble President of India.

    Sub: Immediate and needful action required from the Ministry in the matter referred by the office of the Hon’ble President of India.

    Reg : Non-Compliance of the Court Order, (Which also attains the finality) passed by the Hon’ble Rajasthan High Court at Jaipur bench, Jaipur (Rajasthan) on dated 18th July 2005 against M/S ICICI Bank Ltd and others (Accused Petitioners) in the criminal matter u/s 420, 120-B and 500 of Indian Penal Code.

    Dear Sir,

    With reference to above and being the complainant against M/S I.C.I.C.I. Bank Limited and others in the above referred criminal matter I would like to request and remind you again to please take suitable action at earliest, in order to make confirm for the absolute and complete compliance with spirit of the above mentioned court order dated 18/07/2005 passed by the Hon’ble Rajasthan High Court at Jaipur Bench Jaipur (RAJ) against M/S ICICI Bank Ltd and others in their criminal revision No. 15/2002 u/s 397 Cr. P. C.

    Thanking you with regards,


    Cc to 1. The Hon,ble Union Minister of Law and Justice.
    2. The Hon’ble President of India.
    3. The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India.
    4. The Hon’ble Chief Justice of Rajasthan.


  4. Further email copies will follow and will make sense. ICICI customer service lie and have no clue and dont care about your problems.

    I have no clue as to where the got the below address from as I have never lived in AP

    Dear Mr. Prashanth,

    A) All account deliverables are sent only to your communication address that is registered in our record.

    In our record, your communication address is registered as:

    D. NO. 17-22-47, HINDU – MUSLIM ROAD
    PHONE: 08644-224225

    B) A renewed debit card had been sent to your communication address in December 2006. The card returned for the reason ‘Door Closed’.

    C) Updating Communication Address

    We will be unable to to process your address change request on the basis of e-mail/fax /scan request, due to security reasons.

    Please send a signed letter along with an address proof document to the following address:

    2nd floor, Trade World B-Wing
    Kamala Mills Compound
    Lower Parel
    Mumbai GÇô 400 013

    In the letter, mentioned your request for sending the renewed debit card to your updated communication address.

    In case your communication address is your overseas address, please send any one of the following address proofs:

    * Residence permit
    * Utility bills (electricity, telephone, gas connection, water connection) of two billing cycles. Mobile bill not accepted. Bill should be of last 6 months.
    * Bank statements, letter from banker
    * Rent receipt along with lease deed
    * Life insurance premium receipt
    * Letter from government postal authorities
    * Shop license issued by government authorities
    * Passport address
    * PIO card
    * Letter from employer (duly notarized)
    * Physical verification report (only for jurisdictions where we are permitted to open accounts face to face)

    The address proof must match with the new mentioned address. Each document furnished also needs to be self attested.

    In case you wish to change your contact numbers, please mention it in the address change letter.

    If your country of residence has changed, submit a copy of the passport and VISA along with the address proof.

    The following link contains address change form and P.O. Box facility details, which we have launched especially for US, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE and Singapore based NRI customers.


    Please update your e-mail ID and contact number by clicking on the options ‘Click here to update e-mail ID’ and ‘Update your contact number’ available on the left hand side of the home page, in case you have not updated.


    Tiainla Thapa
    NRI Manager
    ICICI Bank Limited

    —–Original Message—–

    Branch Id : 0002 Account Id : ———


    As a follow up to my earlier email as and when you folks send me the new Debit Card, please make sure you send it to

    ——–Address taken out on purpose

    I couldnt even find a place in your website to see what address of mine you have and update it if you have a old address, adding to my woes further.

    Thank you,
    Prashanth M

  5. Dear Mr. Prashanth,

    We tried to call you but were unable to contact you.

    For online funds transfer you need to have a active debit card for your account.

    Your debit card was returned undelivered at the branch. We request you to confirm if we can re-dispatch the card at the following address:

    Address deleted on purpose——–

    Contact number: ———
    Alternatively, you can issue a cheque from your account to the third party to make a payment.


    Sanoj. V.
    Customer Service Manager
    ICICI Bank Limited

    “We value your feedback on your experience with our response to this query. Please click the “Feedback” tab and give us your views”

    Attention! You can now request for Account Activation / Statements / ATM – Debit card / ATM or Debit PIN / DCA through “Requests’ option of Internet Banking.

    —–Original Message—–

    Subject: ATM/Debit Card

    Branch Id : 0002 Account Id : ———-


    Today when I wanted to make a transfer from my account I just came across one more hurdle ICICI bank has so ridiculously setup to make a transfer. We are asked to enter digits from the Debit/ATM card Grid. Until now I had no clue what in the world this is. I also realized that my Debit card has expired on December 06 and ICICI bank hasnt even sent me one yet. Without sending folks a new Debit card how ridiculous of ICICI to change its online money transfer procedures, looks like somebody somewhere was out of their mind when implementing such a procedure. How can you guys implement procedures that are an agony and cause emotinal distress to your customers, how dare of you guys to create hurdles and in my case completely stop me from making a money transfer in an emergency.

    I need to transfer money to my brothers account immediately and when I call Customer Service to see if they can atleast help me out with this one transfer, damn they express their inability because I dont have my new Debit card without which I cant make a Transfer. Please step into my shoes and see how Ridiculous and terrible this sounds. You guys have created hinderances to transfer my own money the way I want and in this case I cant even make a transfer as I havent even have my new Debit Card.

    This whole thing is outrageous as I cant make a transfer to my brother in an emergency and I will be looking to complain to the “Federal Trade Commission” in the USA. You guys cant do this to me.

    If Iam not able to make a transfer by Monday at the most I will be raising complaints with the consumer courts as well as the Federal Trade Commission.

    Also I will be looking to close down my account with ICICI the moment I open another account with another bank.

    My strong language should be an indicator of how successfully ICICI has been in driving its customers mad. How terrible it is that you put your customers through such emotional distress, my entire weekend is screwed up because of my inability to make a transfer in an emergency to my brother and Iam not going to let go of this incident easily.

    Not so Thank full right now
    Prashanth M

  6. ICICI SUCKS big time. Banks like this show real Indian development. Poorest customer service. I have used their money 2 india service, They take out the money from US bank and deposit in my Indian a/c after 3-4 sometimes even after 5 days. They eat the interest for those 5 days. I have transfered thro them 20,000$ and they had on average eaten 4 days interest on that. There might be 100,000 people using money 2 india. They might be depositing much more than 20K dollars. Even if you calculate at 7% per annum you can imagine, how much money they make illegaly. On top of that they put wrong dates on the date they took out the money from my a/c. I wish if we had anything like RI for these private banks.

  7. See the copy of the letter that i had posted to ICICI customer care and they never responded


    This is to inform you that i am totally fed up with the services provied by your bank.My painfull story starts after 16 March,07 when i did the very big mistake by filling the application form for ICICI Prefered Gold credit card.At the time of submission i was assured by your customer care dept. that my application will be processed and i will get the card within 21 working days.But i believe its more than 21 days now and i didn’t received any card neither i got any call from your bank that why it was delayed.For your information, i would like to say that i got a verification call on 24th March,07 from your bank saying that its a verification call from ICICI Bank regarding your Credit card.Today when i chased your bank’s customer care once again then they told me that my application no. S060101423626 is not showing in there data base and its still pending,i was amased because inspite of getting a verification call how come its not showing in your data base, then they raised a complain request SR22035733 saying that this complain request is to check that why your application is till pending and they asked me to get back after 10 days only then they will be able to tell me the status of my applcation. Now being a commited service provider bank is this the way to treat your customer, you are commiting us to provide the service with 21 days and inspite of breeching all these commitments you are again paining your customer by asking him to wait more.I just want to know what went wrong with my application form?Why it hasn’t been processd within 21 working days? Which department was responsible for the delay?Where is the loop hole?
    If you are not sure that what kind of service you are going to provide to your customer,if you are not capable too keep your service level agreements then please don’t commit any thing wrong to your customer.I am sure you can understand by doing such what kind of image you are leaving in front of any new customer who comes to your desk expectig for a good service.
    I request you again to please check that why my credit card application is still pending and take necessary speedy actions against your idle dept. or who so ever was responsible for the delay and deliver my card asap.
    Please do the needfull else your service will compell me to loose faith in any kind of transaction with ICICI Bank.


    Mrinmoy Bhattacharya
    UBS India service pvt Ltd

  8. ICICI bank don\’t issues ATM cards, They issue debit card witha anual fee of 111 rupees. Why don\’t they issue ATM card? I don\’t want to pay fee for debit card instead I need a ATM card free. Which is what HDFC is doing. I am thinking of moving to HDFC. ICICI sucks.

  9. This is the worst Bank I have ever experienced. Their customer service sucks. For address change they ask you to send a signed application with a proof of your current address and if somehow the sgnature does not match perfectly (They matched with Microscope I guess) then you need to send another NOTORIZES application with your other bank paid check..Blah Blah Blah..My Question was if I have online access and I can withdraw money, issue draft, why not I should be able to send request from there for change of address or change the address there. I am planning to clsoe my account.

  10. Tiainla Thapa, NRI Manager is a bitch / Bastard in ICICI.

    The same standard reply everybody gets from ICICI.

  11. I have NRI Account with City Bank and ICICI opened three years ago. In beginning both banks were good but then my nightmare with NRI Started.
    When I opened my account I told both banks that I would be soon changing my name to my married name. And they both said no problem. City bank allows you to put residential and mailing address separately. While ICICI is a nightmare.
    On ICICI banks advise to receive my ATM cards quickly while I was in India I gave my Delhi address. Afterwards they refused to change my address to my Canadian Address. The clerk made a typo and instead of entering me as Mrs. She entered me a Mr. I could not get them to change even though they have copy of my passport. Meanwhile my husband’s passport expired and they want a copy of the passport along with all the proof of residence etc. Meanwhile I changed my residence in Canada and the new saga has started again. They have the copy of my passport when I opened my account and I am not comfortable giving them copy all the time. They do not ask for new ration cards from Indians why are they harassing us.
    Meanwhile City bank changed my name address very quickly after seeing my driver’s license and my marriage certificate. And ICICI still sends my records at the old address and refuses to listen.
    Here is a sample of their email.
    Dear Mr., We are pleased to receive your request for address change along with the supporting documents. While processing the documents we noticed that your passport has expired.
    Resolution: We request you to send the valid copy of passport attested by account holder as ‘True copy’ to the address mentioned below:
    ICICI Bank Limited NRI Services Trade World, 2nd Floor B Wing, Kamla Mills Compound Lower Parel Mumbai – 400013. Sincerely,
    Customer Service Officer, ICICI Bank Limited
    After sending copy of the passport their LASY customer service rep sent this email
    Dear Mr. ,
    The address proof given in December, 2006 has already been expired. Hence, we require valid address proof within 6 months.
    Documents accepted as address proof for Indian address:
    Utility Bill, i.e. Electricity Bill, Landline telephone bill, Gas connection Bill, Water connection Bill (Mobile bill not accepted)
    Overseas / Indian Bank Statement (bank passbook will not be considered as a valid address proof)
    Rent Receipt along with duly stamped / registered lease deed. Lease deed should be valid as on date of account opening.
    Address on Passport
    Letter from existing banker, this letter should clearly specify that the mentioned address is the customers communication address and period of relationship with the bank which should be more than 3 months.
    Latest premium receipt from any life insurance company (depicting policy is in force as on date)
    Documents accepted as proof of overseas address:
    Utility Bill, i.e. Electricity Bill, Landline telephone bill, Gas connection Bill, Water connection Bill (Mobile bill not accepted)
    Driving License (Only if issued by US and UK authorities) .
    Overseas / Indian Bank Statement (bank passbook will not be considered as a valid address proof)
    Rent Receipt (including lease deed, duly stamped / registered wherever applicable)
    PIO Card (should be valid as on date of account opening). PIO card issued by Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India.
    Address on passport.
    Letter from existing banker, this letter should clearly specify that the mentioned address is your communication address and period of relationship with the bank which should be more than 3 months.
    Letter from government postal authorities.
    Shop License issued by government authorities, with name of prospective customer and address mentioned (should be valid as on date of account opening).
    Letter from employer duly notarized mentioning prospective customers name and address.
    All of the above address proofs (India and Overseas) should be for the last 2 billing cycles and issued within last 6 months (except for, Passport, PIO Card and Government issued unique identity document).
    If you are unable to produce any one of the documents mentioned above, you are required to submit any one of the address proof of spouse / relatives (includes parents, children, brother and sister), in whose name the address proof is submitted.
    Acceptable relationship proofs are: 1. Passport 2. Birth Certificate 3. Marriage Certificate 4. Ration Card 5. Matriculation Certificate 6. School Leaving Certificate 7. Court Affidavit
    No Objection Certificate (NOC) from blood relative is required (not mandatory for spouse) in the attached format.
    Documents required other than the address proof documents, only incase of passport expired or change in country:
    Copy of passport is required if the earlier passport has expired
    Copy of passport and valid VISA will be required if the overseas country of residence has changed The passport of the second applicant has been expired. We request you to send the valid copy of passport attested by account holder as ‘True copy’.
    Please send the required documents to the following address:
    NRI SERVICES – CPCNRI 2nd floor, Trade World B-Wing, Kamala Mills Compound,
    Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400 013 India
    Alternatively, you can submit the documents through our P.O. Box service.
    Please copy and paste the link given below in another browser:
    Click on “Download the request letter.” A request letter will open, fill up this letter and send it to us along with the documents you want to send.
    Send the envelope through the ordinary post to the following address:
    NRI Services Center ICICI Bank Ltd., INDIA BOM/CAN/126811/ICICI P.O. Box 244 STN LCD Malton Mississauga, ON L4T 3B6 Canada
    We are sorry to inform you that we will be unable to provide the contact details of any other executive / supervisor. You may write to us, we will assist you for the same.
    Sincerely, Customer Service Officer ICICI Bank Limited

  12. One of the worst bank’s in India…with a poor service…would the word service fit them?

    I applied for a car loan on 27th Aug with a assurance from the agent that I’ll get the loan amount by 31st Aug, on not meeting his promise i asked him to cancel the loan on 2nd of Sept. To my surprise now i get calls and emails asking to pay Rs.3000 with 18% interest for the procedure, The bank say i informed them on the 4th of Sept. Even thought i produced the proofs of my calls made to the agent on 2nd of Sept, the bank insists me on paying this amount.

    One of the worst services i was holding banks shares with a demat and a personal account, with this sort of a experience I’ve closed all my dealing with this bank and decided never ever to deal with them in anyway in the future.

    Ask them if they can go out of there way in helping you out or would they just work to earn a living, Suggest you all to judge a bank looking at people and there procedures and not just the name and advertisements.

  13. Thanks Shyam Arjarapu! keep us the good service, there needs to be some one to raise such issues, i was so frustated with ICICI that i wanted to let the world know the sort experience i had…Thanks!

  14. Hi My name is Jitendra and i live in icici bank for clerical and manangment work but problem is i am only senior secondary in com. and i know computer tally,msoffice and internet. If i will go direct to bank i will clerely refused by banking officer so i am email to you I understand that my qualification is not able for banking work but i am sorry my mind is very sharp and i take very little time to understand any work i do as marketing exucative 8 years in footwear in this period i got six time promotion but i hate marketing so i decided to join bank please send me reply how i could join bank.

  15. The bank sucks full time!!!! I have a full list of bad experiences. After a lot of frustrations and disappointments with the bank I typed on google ICICI SUCKS and to my shock an uncountable blogs and sites were available. ..and I thought that me and my friends are the only ones. Well here I am along with the huge community of sufferres

  16. ICICI bank is a sort of a group of people sitting there to make us fool. Their customer care is worst in its class. Unfortunately I, also, have an s/a (628801023689) as well as demat account with this worst bank. These days the have suspended my account due to non-submission of some document which were loosed by this highly secured bank during Mumbai flood. Though I submitted these documents thrice (by going at bank in Kanpur which is 125 km from my place) but account still suspended, displaying the same message. I send several mails to its official but all in vain. Now I am fed up of this bank and its officials. I never would like to recommend any one to go with these blood suckers. Even I am thinking to say them good-bye. I will be very happy if even one boarder decide to keep distance with this worst so called 24*7 bank.

  17. the most horrible service in the world is what icici bank offeres
    their stupid telephone system sucks
    their reps are as stupid as stupid can be
    and they should just go to hell

  18. ICICI Bank / Shivakumar Tadikonda / Tarun Duggal (all from service quality ‘destruction’ dept)

    Can you please update me on what is happening to my complaints related to my home loan?

    You do not respond to emails, you do not accept complaints at your branch office, and call security personnel to chase customers out of office who come to drop complaint letters.

    You even refused to honor Banking Ombudsman’s orders which were passed in my favor after over 18 months of investigation.

    You had already destroyed peace of my family.

    Now you have even started tampering with my EMI post-dated cheques! What else do you want to do next? What do you want me to do?

    – Parag

    Parag Palsapure
    Navi Mumbai

  19. I applied for RSP on Jan 31, 2008, chq got debited from my account on Feb 5, when I visited personally and asked ICICI Bank staff when can I expect my RSP GIC receipt on Feb 23, she responds she would call back 100% latst by Feb 26, you guess no call, I called their call center on Feb 25, they said it would be showing in my online account with 48 hrs, you guess it again accounts open, but no funds shown, I visit their Branch again in person on Feb 28 and talk to Branch Manager, he responds, he doesn\’t know where the docs are. ICICI Bank needs one complete months to process yopu RSP account, open a GIC and still dont know where your documents are. Kudos to ICICI Bank Canada. God Save all other would be customers.

  20. I have never banked with ICICI Bank in India, but I have become their victim in Canada. I have very unfortunatle opened a bank account with them and my life was on a rollercoaster ride. This being my wages account, its even horrible. The debit card doesn\’t work properly in many outlets, you can\’t get cash backs, there is only one cash machine in the whole of British Columbia and eventhough with great diffculty you make it to the bank to withdraw money in the evening, the ATM\’s don\’t dispense cash as they get into servicing and maintenance in the evening. Licensed thievery must be thier moto. I seriously suggest people don\’t open a bank account in your worst times with ICICI bank. There are good ways to transfer money to india from abroad

  21. ICICI Bank. I will run out for a mile if I hear it again…..Horrible Customer service, and those junks don’t know what they do.

    Let me share my episode. I was forced to open ICICI savings a/c as my employer deposit the Salary at ICICI bank. I opened it. Good everything was fine. Then I moved from India to USA.

    After few days(180) at US, as per RBI rules I thought to change my resident account to NRE Account ( I think myself as Gandhi) . Then started the nightmare. I called NRI customer service. The lady who attended my call told it is very simple and she walked me through the website and asked me to download certain documents. Also she told I need to send those documents to Mumbai. Offered ( as if they are saving 100s of dollar for me ) that I can mail it to the PO Box and it will be automatically sent to Mumbai. I thought what a service!!!.

    But everything was upside down after 20 days. I received a mail saying that my signature is not matching and I should send them a change of signature document notarized at US. Great surprise, nobody in my life so far told me that my signature is not matching as my signature is very complex and nobody never even think of foregoing it and it is consistent. Well I went to a notary got my signature notarized and sent them.

    2 months no reply. Again called the customer service jokers. Again the stupid ladies( All the calls so far attend for me are ladies!!) could not trace what had happened. One junk suggested to start over again. Ok fine started again and sent all the documents. Don’t want to take chances so I notarized my signature ( I am smart).

    2 months gone. Guess what? Same old message back. “Your signature is not matching with our records”. I reached my boiling point this time. Called the customer service. Those jerks again could not find out what has happened. I think literally they don’t have access to any information I believe. I just left it.

    After 4 months, I got a mail that my account is changed to status NRE. Had a great party with my family. Do you think the night mare ended. It is not.

    I had to move to East coast to West Coast. The move was smooth. After moving, I started to change all my old address to new address on one lovely Sunday Morning sitting outside my Patio in a cool breeze, for all my other US bank accounts. Then it is ICICI bank’s turn.

    I browsed the ICICI website upside down. Neither I could find a place where to change the address nor I could see what is the address there for my account. Then called the jokers. I got to download the address change PDF and give all the proof of address and send it to Mumbai by Post. Ok I thought I am expecting too much from an Indian bank. Let me do the way they ask. Sent the bunch of documents to Mumbai ( Via the $ saving PO BOX of ICICI ). Guess what? Bingo……..Signature mismatch. Are you kidding me?!!!!. I am going to India during this summary. The day I land I am going to close ICICI bank account ( What a relief when I say this. Only just two weeks more ). The I will get a very big freedom from the harassment…….hahahaha … stay away from ICICI for ever…

  22. Their customer service sucks. They have no manners and don\’t have an idea how to talk with their customers. National banks are far better than ICICI. Their motto seems to be \

  23. icici is a piece of shit they do pre-historic banking .
    foolish guys …they cant do addrss change online need whole proof in the world and courier

    icici is face of screwed up inida

  24. Recently the Free vacation offer was denied to me even though I was eligible , After 10 calls to customer service and a complaint to Better business bureau, they came back with apology and told me that I am eligible and showed me next steps to redeem free vacation voucher

    Conditions to be eligible for free vacation
    1. transfer mininum of USD 6000 between may25th to june 25th,2009

    I have confirmed this bonus offer even before I initiated transfer, the offer does not mentioned about any lucky draw or something else, it was advertised on the Hindi channels also on dish network,

    Fianlly they have to apologize with a black spot on thier quaility assurance.

  25. Fuck off.. ICICI u suck.. u really suck.. Ass hole.. mother fucker whoever opened this bank.. all u people who work there also suck.. All r ass holes…

  26. ICICI look to make money not relations. DONT EVER GO FOR ICICI BANK. TRUST me you will be in pain and lose

  27. Very true, extremely frustrated with poor banking manners of ICICI bank customer service personnals.. they dont know what the customer is asking for, when explained they will give some stupid answers, and the most favourite answer is that their application is down may be more than half of the times.. it’s not long before they are going to loose customers.. pretty soon that will happen… now I prefer citibank for all my transactions.. even heard HSBC is doing good.. I had a credit card from them and got very good service till the end.. ICICI – please don’t forget, you are not the only one in the market.. there are many more…. our experiences will definitely ripple down to all… pretty soon…


  28. ICICI bank reallly sucks the customers as well as the employees.It is a thing of a big shame that a bank handled by a women is not safe for the other women employees.every single time a girl working in icici bank has to face the harrasment in all ways.

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