Cracking .NET DLL’s for Amateurs – 1 of 2

Crackers and Hackers have fantasized me ever since I started gaining computer knowledge. The skills demonstrated by these guys have always driven me crazy. Having, unexpectedly, played around with couple of .NET DLL’s and successful cracked them, I want to share that knowledge by writing – basics of hacking / cracking the .NET DLLs. Being a beginner myself, the following tutorial should be considered by individuals who absolutely have no clue what’s cracking is?

In this tutorial, let’s build a simple application first and then try to crack it.
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SQL SERVER Generate Password Function

Most of you might have come across need for creating a random password for the users. I prefer using passwords that are generated completely random, containing a-zA-Z0-9 and some special characters, making them tough to guess. However, thinking from the user’s perspective those passwords are really hard to remember. So, if you want to leverage complexity of the passwords for making them easy to remember then here is what I have used. Continue reading