grub setup stage 2 error while parsing number

Well, as I stated earlier I was trying to get openSuse 10.2 installed on my machine, which already has Vista on first partition. Though I never had issues while installing openSuse 10.2, Red Hat Linux, Enterprise Linux 10, this time I had issues with installing 10.2

My 10 days old DVD got corrupted, new iso download got corrupted, 1 DVD after buring got corrupted etc. Its quite evident that there is something really wrong with the wirelss downloads and my DVD’s. The error I get at the installation of the Boot Loader is

grub>setup --stage2=/boot/grub/stage2 (hd0) (/dev/hda,5)
error 23: error while parsing number

Even my linux dude got no clue what’s going on. He suggested me to iso downloads from wired pc and install again. Yet i get the same old error. Pretty much pissed and thought of going back to Vista with half hearted. Right at that moment my friend called and said that most of the dudes on the web get this error while installing on partition with Vista already on the first partition. So, something poped into my mind and I did this.

  • Downloaded gparted, gnome partition editior.
  • selected the window partition drive and in the properties, I unchecked boot and checked hidden
  • now I did a fresh install. this let s teh linux install the system with no flaws as it sees windows was present in nowhere
  • and vola! installation went smoot no errors. Now restart with gparted in the cd drive and now make Vista drive unhidden and that’s it.

You should be able to choose both linux and windows from the grub. Let me know if it works for any of you Thanks

Shyam K. Arjarapu