How to set property of an object created using Reflection?

The VB.NET to C#.NET converter tool from Developer Fusion is awesome! It convert code from VB to C# or vice versa and primarily used by enthusiasts to learn the other language syntax. The tool does a great deal of work in trans-coding. However, not every thing is translated appropriately and you may have to clean up a little bit. Here is an example of issues I faced while using Reflection. Continue reading

.NET Reverse Stream Reader

How to read file bottom up:
Read text file bottom up:

When we process the flat files, most of the times we process it top to bottom. However, there might be only a few times situation come where you you have to read bottom up. Like the other day, I have huge flat file about 250 MB and I need some information could be located anywhere in last 50 lines. Since length, size and # of lines I might have to look into in such files vary, reading top to bottom isn’t an optimal solution. Continue reading

How to Generate / Create SQL script from stored procedure

Not long ago, I was working on “SQL Synchronizer” -a tool of my own to help synchronize stored procedures from source server / database to target server / database. Use of this tool will become handy when you want to synchronize different environments currently having different versions of stored procedures.

The idea behind developing such tool has struck my mind while moving my changes from development to staging. Though execution of DDL statements went through fine, execution of stored procedures themselves failed as the dependant objects of these stored procedures where not in sync. So, I started to build a .NET project to help me add, delete, update stored procedures either from source / target databases. I shall post the solution to share with you guys, please bare with me for awhile.

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Cracking .NET DLL’s for Amateurs – 2 of 2

In my previous article, I explained about building an imaginary Super Calculator, how to implement enabling various features based on the License – Trial / Full Version and purchased add-on features. In this article, we are going to discuss – how to crack this application and what steps the software vendors might take to restrict – easy hacks.

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